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Wonder Woman Jasmine by Dilly89
Wonder Woman Jasmine
From Season 4 of Christopher Odd's Let's Play of XCOM 2; Shen's Last Gift.
Jasmine "Queen" Saari: Daredevil. Shinobi. Sister of war.

Wonder Woman Jasmine:

Pictured assembled from pre-existing sources.
The Innocent Rogue and the Shinobi Queen by Dilly89
The Innocent Rogue and the Shinobi Queen
The stealthy Indian duo.
These two have really grown on me. From their contrasting backstories and personalities, to their battles against Advent, they have effectively become sisters of war.
An edited screenshot from Season 4 of XCOM 2, as played by ChristopherOdd. I realize it's somewhat pixelated, but I can't do much against 1080p bitrate. :/

XCOM 2 - Season 4 - Part 25:…
Genji Inception
After hours of discussion between me and my sister, to do with the parallels between Overwatch and Inception, this was the result (otherwise, an experiment in motion tracking :P ).
Some food for thought. Which characters of Overwatch could parallel with the characters of Inception, and why?

GIF assembled from pre-existing sources.
Inception scene (spoilers):…
AVCON 2016 by Dilly89
AVCON 2016
To the top right are all my passes for 5 years of AVCON, since 2012 (aka eons ago).

From AVCON 2016:…
Tag, you're it! :P


Attack on Minx!! by MarchBunny
Minx 4th Murder Titlecard by MarchBunny
Victubia - The Spell Binder by MarchBunny

Featuring MangaMinx, Hetalia, Victubia, a load of adorable adoptables, and much much more.
Wow, it's been a while since my last journal entry. Not that I submit very many anyway. :P


Dilly89's Profile Picture
Dylan Walsh
I'm now NOT a high school student, look foward to university and working with my studio called Second Perspective Studios (SPS).
I have a very strong interest in both science and arts, particulary in Quantum Theory and Movie/Animation making respectively. I also found myself recently writing some fan fiction as well, we'll see how that goes :D

I primarily operate on my Youtube account name of Dylan Walsh, click the link to head to my channel for some videos I've done.

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Happy Birthday Dilly, wish you all the best and hope you have a good one~ :D
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:D Thank you!! 20 years on, I feel so old...! >D
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Meanwhile, I'm like one of the youngest on DQ lol
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